ICT Rental Benefits

The benefits for renting your IT, ICT and Office Automation solutions are:

Your IT, ICT and Office automation costs are managed

  • Your costs are established up front. Decisions about the allocation and distribution of the equipment is moved to the various departments (often the Operations Department) and do not require the input from the finance decision makers.
  • Rental frees up business capital to invest in core business at better margins.
  • You can more easily position the various expenses for the rented equipment against the core cost of sales.

Rental simplifies the accounting processes

  • The rental process simplifies budgeting process. You will now be able to budget accurately for 3 to 5 years.
  • Renting your equipment simplifies your accounting in that no fixed asset register is maintained and rental is a direct operating expense.

Access to the latest and best IT, ICT and Office automation technology

  • The warehousing and disposal of obsolete equipment is avoided.
  • Smooth “refresh” of technology, eliminating emotional pull on available cash.
  • Rental is more affordable than purchasing the latest technology.
  • Ability to swap out of equipment as needs change, without impacting on balance sheet and write offs.

Your business can focus on your core business

  • With your rental contracts being managed by Outsource Finance you can concentrate on your core business and expertise.

Moving forward has never been so easy.

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